Ostrich Egg Lamp Safari Decor For Sale


  • Common Name: lamp
  • Latin Name: Struthio camelus
  • Overall Grade: Excellent +

Description of Taxidermy For Sale

This is a phenomenal Ostrich Egg Lamp. This lamp is made up of a set of blesbok horns that support the gorgeous ostrich egg. The ostrich egg has a craved lesser kudu bull and cow. The incredible detail shown in this beautiful piece is a tribute to the hand of a masterful artist that has a keen sense of capturing the beauty of the wildlife of Africa. This lamp is perfect for any office or cabin to give it that safari feel. All of this combined with the fantastic craftsmanship earns this item our Excellent Plus™ overall quality rating. All applicable sizes and dimensions are included to make sure this item will fit within your intended display space.

– This lamp includes a cord.

– Egg circumference: 16.25″



  • Depth: 5″

  • Height: 13″

  • Width: 7″

  • Weight: 3 lbs


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