Taxidermy Decor is More Popular Than Ever!

The Taxidermy Comeback!

         When most people think of taxidermy they picture a hunter’s trophy room full of mementos of their past hunts but taxidermy isn’t just for hunters. Taxidermy mounts can add a touch of elegance to a very masculine room. It can also be an interesting focal point in a minimalist room. With a bit of imagination there is no end to the possibilities that the right mount can bring to your space and that is why we at Mega Taxidermy Sales keep a variety of mounts in stock that range from small accent décor pieces to massive statement pieces. We are going to explore a couple of looks and will add links to some of our mounts to make it easier for you to get the look in the pictures below.

   This picture has several taxidermy elements featured. The first thing to draw the eye is the Elk. He has a sharp turn of his head and his mouth is open in what is known as a bugling. We have a couple of options when it comes to this look. We have one that has his head turned sharply like the one in the photo and we also have others mounted in different poses.

Elk Head for Sale at Safariworks Taxidermy
Elk Taxidermy Mount

Next we see a Peacock Mount. These beautiful birds are a great way to add a bright pop of color. We keep several wall mounts in stock. We have Piebalds which have a mix of colorful and white feathers and we also have Blue/Green Peacocks which are very popular. Below are two of our favorites.

Mounted Peacock for Sale
Taxidermied Peacock for Sale

   The next animal is not one that most people consider when they think of putting mounts on their wall but they should. It is called the African Kudu. There are two different types; the Lesser Kudu and the Greater Kudu. Both are great choices. The picture below on the left is a Greater Kudu and the one on the right is a Lesser Kudu.

Kudu Taxidermy Mount for Sale
Mounted African Animals for Sale

   A Zebra Rug like the one in the picture can really bring a bare floor to life and make a room pop. The one in this picture has been lined or edged in a black fabric. The most common fabric used is felt and sometimes they are double felted. Below are a couple of our top picks from our inventory.

Zebra Rug for Sale
Animal Rugs for Sale at Safariworks

   These are just a few of our suggestions based on the picture above. We encourage you to browse our collections and see which mounts inspire you. Not into taxidermy but still love that Africa feel to a room? No problem! Check out our Décor section and you will find an amazing collection of handcrafted African curios.

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