Finding the Perfect Taxidermy decor

 Taxidermy is being used more and more in home décor by people who don’t hunt but love the look that wildlife art brings to a space. But it can be hard to find exactly what you are looking for.  Here at Safariworks Taxidermy Sales we want to make that task as easy as possible. This article will highlight some of our best big game taxidermy mounts so that you can achieve the look featured in the picture above or bring your own interior design vision to your home.

Decorating with Taxidermy Ideas
  1. Moose Head for Sale
    Alaskan Yukon Moose Taxidermy Mount

This great Alaskan Yukon Moose head taxidermy mount has its head in a relaxed position and turned slightly to the right just like the Moose mount in the center of the picture. Our mount has thick hair in beautiful shades of dark and light brown. The heavy palmated antlers have a spread of 52 inches. This head mount weighs 71 lbs. and has a wall hanger attached. It hangs from a properly anchored bolt.

  1. Elk Head for Sale
    Elk Taxidermy Mount

Similar to Elk (fig. 2) in the photograph this Elk head mount has his head turned to the right. This Elk features 4 x 4 antlers with nice coloring and thick reddish brown hair throughout. The taxidermy craftsmanship on this mount is beautiful making it a prize to hang on the mantle. Even if you don’t have a huge fireplace like the one in the photo you cannot go wrong with an Elk like this one. It has a wall hanger attached on the back and hangs from a single well-anchored bolt.

  1. Mounted Caribou for Sale
    Caribou Taxidermy Mount
    SW4896This beautiful Caribou shoulder mount has been given our taxidermy quality rating of “Premier.” They do not get much better than this beauty. He has a slight turn of his head to the right similar to the one in the main picture. The antlers on this mount are tall and wide with an outside spread of 50”. The antlers also have a great shovel and bez. The hair is thick and soft throughout. There is a wall hanger on the back and it weighs 29 lbs. so all you need for this one is a single well-anchored heavy duty screw instead of a bolt.
  1. Mounted Moose Head for Sale
    Canadian Moose Taxidermy Mount
    SW3934This Moose head taxidermy mount has the head turned to the left slightly and has a great-looking bell. The heavy antlers have a 41” outside spread. The head is in down in semi sneak pose. Making him perfect for spot 4 in the main photograph or to mount in a room that doesn’t have a tall ceiling. This Moose mount features good hair quality with nice, deep coloring throughout. He weighs about 55 lbs. so he will have to be mounted with a well-secured heavy duty bolt.
  2. Mounted Elk Head for Sale
    Rocky Mountain Elk Taxidermy Mount
    SW2664A Rocky Mountain Elk is a great addition to any room but we chose this particular one because of his similarity to mount 5 in the main photo. He has his head turned to the left showing off a great set of 6 x 6 antlers, which have a 36” outside spread. This monster Elk has great detailing throughout and good thick hair. He hangs from a single well-secured bolt and has a wall hanger attached in the back.
  1. Taxidermied Elk for Sale
    Elk Taxidermy Mount
    SW4337This is a massive 6 x 5 Bull Elk head mount. He is mounted in a natural relaxed position and his large 6 x 5 antlers have great coloring and polished tips. The detailing on this mount is expertly done. You can’t go wrong with this mount whether it is to achieve the look in the main photograph or to just add to your collection.
  1. Taxidermied Elk for Sale
    Rocky Mountain Elk Taxidermy Mount
    SW4804This Rocky Mountain Elk mount looks like it is screaming at you but it is in fact bugling, which is a series of loud sounds that a bull elk will make to establish dominance. The taxidermy craftsmanship on this mount is excellent. He is sporting a set of 6 x 6 antlers with a large drop tine. This Elk has a SCI (Safari Club International) score of 375 making him a Gold medal winner. He has a hanger attached on the back and needs to be mounted using a single, well-anchored bolt.
  1. Taxidermied Caribou Head for Sale
    Peary Caribou Wall Pedestal Taxidermy Mount
    SW4062The main photograph shows an Elk mount in position 8 but we thought we would change it up just a bit with this beautiful Peary Caribou taxidermy mount. This magnificent mount is rated “Premier.” It is mounted as a wall pedestal mount to show off the shoulder and its tall dark antlers. This mount has gorgeous thick fur throughout. This mount hangs from a single well-anchored screw using the hanger attached to the back of the mount.

Here at Mega taxidermy Store we are committed to helping you find that taxidermy mount you have always wanted. Check out our website to our full inventory from all over the world.

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